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Welcome to Commercial Express!

A Little About Commercial Express

Commercial Express Inc has been a provider of scheduled transportation within the Florida market for the past seventeen years; Commercial Express has developed an intricate network of routing, not only throughout the state of Florida, but also in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina. We have developed a clear understanding of customer requirements as it relates to scheduled delivery and as a result have developed long term partnerships with several major accounts. Our focus on detail, communication and quality service coupled with our commitment to excellence positions us to provide a solid solution for our customers transportation needs.

Our Services

What do We Provide?
What Commercial Express can provide is an overall strategy of implementation, service level monitoring, and communication leading to:

  • Minimal service transition issues, with strong management presence in each market segment.
  • Flexibility to change routing/times in any area without disrupting other location schedules
  • Single point of contact
  • Quality monitoring tools implemented in all service areas
  • Ability to grow into other market segments seamlessly.
  • Flexibility to provide hot shot/special services in all markets


Recognized Quality

Being recognized for our efforts in industry innovation, inclusion and corporate excellence is what makes Commercial Express Inc., a privately held company, stand apart from the competition, and be the choice among our customers. The market growth we have enjoyed acknowledges the work we have done, and the progress we have made as a corporation. Customers and professional organizations recognize Commercial Express for exceptional quality in service. This is the result of building quality into our culture and how we do business. We are, and will continue to be committed to customer, and employee satisfaction and we understand that quality is a key component of that commitment.
Through policy, process, and accountability at all levels in the organization, Commercial Express has set an expectation of zero errors. Towards that end, it is the responsibilities of each operating area to plan, develop, and implement our services with strong management oversight at the corporate level.
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